Saturday, August 5, 2017

Another Beautiful Day!

Wow, August is really starting well.  Low humidity, 64 degrees this morning for my long run.

I'm training for  a couple of fall half marathons.  I think after four years of running, my active heart rate is finally coming down. I love my Garmin.  It tracks distance, pace, time, heart rate, does intervals, and all kinds of other things.  I can upload it to my phone or computer and see the GPS map of where I ran, the temperature it was, see my pace per lap, etc.

The hubby and Greybeard the big cat enjoyed resting on the screened porch today.

While I was busy trying to finish these two quilts.
Such an easy brick pattern.  Got one bound after this picture was made, and the other is ready to hand stitch down.  Both made from scraps.  Love that. The grey/brown/blue is a gift and since I am not that great still at machine binding, I decided to hand stitch it.  Although, my machine stitching of the binding on the teal one was the best I've ever done!
It's been a couple of years since I made my 14 day sweet pickles.  They were ready to work this weekend.  Got my little pickling spice balls ready.
 In went 10 pounds of sugar.  Now for them to make the juice for a couple of days.
After that I'll water bath can them to put them up.  We love this recipe.  Hope you are enjoying the weather where you are and like me, are doing a little of everything!

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