Saturday, July 29, 2017

Low Humidity for the WIN!!

I am so excited to have a day with low(er) humidity! Yesterday morning I tried to run in the 94% humidity.  It wasn't pretty.  Today we have low 80's with 50% humidity.  Feels like fall!  The hubby is napping on the swing.

We've been out running errands -- bought some fresh corn and visited our neighbors-to-be at our lot and took a tour of their newly framed in home.  Building a home is exciting, and I'm getting more excited everyday about the possibility for us.  We plan to watch the solar eclipse from our lot.  The 6 lots in the subdivided farm are all big, flat, and open with very few trees.  It will be a great place to watch it.  In our area, we expect a little over 2 minutes of total solar eclipse!

My son and his family had another one of their adventures today in Scotland.  They took a ferry from Edinburgh to Incholm island with friends and got to see an old abbey, wildflowers and wildlife, and old bunkers from both WWI and WWII there.  Here are a few of their pictures....

They love Scotland and spend most weekends visiting various historical sights.  I am very thankful they have the opportunity to do so, and thankful I get to see the pictures!

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