Saturday, January 9, 2016

More Edinburgh Square

I've been preparing some blocks for the next quitting class for our Threads of Love group. I had several blocks already made up in blues/teals/grey scraps, but I wanted to show them what it would look like using only two colors.  I have a baby gift quilt to make and the nursery theme is Marvel Super Heros.  I found some fabric on Etsy and started with a few blocks yesterday.

I think it will turn out cute and match the colors of their nursery.  For a beginner it would be easier to use only two colors than multiple strips.  They won't have a stash to pick strips from.
Although I hope someone in the group will make it scrappy.  I'd love to see one made up with lots of different lights and darks.

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Anonymous said...

I love seeing this in just two fabrics; it helps see the design more. Or maybe I just like the fabric you used. Congrats on a great pattern and on being published!

Daune said...

I love this block! Think it would be great scrappy as well. Thanks for sharing.