Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

Lots of folks really love the Christmas holidays.  Me, I love New Years Day. I love the thoughts of a new beginning, new goals, new adventures. I've been thinking about my 2016 goals.  So far, this is what I have:
  • Create 3-4 new quilt designs (this includes submitting them to magazines)
  • Finish the scrappy wonky star bed quilt (a big goal, been working on it for a few years and can never get the motivation to finish, which is unlike me; the blocks are small and take about 30 minutes each)
  • Make a widow a Remembrance quilt
  • Crochet some slippers or another crochet project
  • Run 500 miles; 3x/week, a few 5ks, a 15k, and one half marathon (this is cutting back from last year; this year I want to focus on maintaining my health, not necessarily any new running goals; included in this is to maintain my weight and my current "no running injuries" status)
  • Read the bible through
  • Read at least 3 book club books and attend at least 3 book club meetings
  • Vacation with the husband
  • Visit the kids in Edinburgh at least once
  • Do an outside project (not sure what - possibly re-paint the faux tile on the screened porch; maybe do a square foot garden; maybe even do a boat garage add on)
I tend to have all to-do type goals but I do want to also have some of another type...
  • Live intentionally
  • Be kinder
  • Try to put myself in others' shoes
  • Age gracefully
2016 is a gift.  Let's make the most of it.  Let go of our heartaches, celebrate our successes, and work as unto the Lord.

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