Monday, September 7, 2015

Labor Day

The hubs got up early for a day of fishing. Me, spent the morning with my mom at the hospital. After I got her back home, my back was hurting. I must have had sympathy pains for her. She was at the emergency room due to acute back pain. I was determined to walk mine out. I needed to run three miles today but I had settled on walking due to my back. Walked the first mile but then was able to slowly run the last two. The activity seemed to help it.

The shirt cutting I did yesterday may have something to do with my back ache, so I decided not to do anymore sewing today. Just taking it easy on the swing, enjoying the holiday.

Here is the progress on the latest remembrance quilt....Seven blocks down, 23 more to go.

My DIL sent me this great picture of my son in his new kilt.

I actually won a contest last year from Gordon Nicholson kiltmakers, and he got the free kilt. He picked the University of Edinburgh tartan, and he will wear it to his graduation once he completes the work for his PhD. I think he looks very handsome, and..oh so Scottish!


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Anita Newman said...

Back pain is miserable. I’m glad your mom is out the hospital. I hope you feel better. I’m glad you still did some form of exercise even though your back was hurting. Your quilt looks amazing! I wish I was creative and could make a quilt. That is a nice picture of your son and congratulations on his upcoming graduation.

Anita Newman @ UT Kilts