Saturday, September 19, 2015

Busy, busy week

It has been a whirlwind this week. I'll start out by telling you about a little project I started last weekend...

I wanted to make a table runner using leaves and a discharging method to create shadows, like the square one I made several years ago.

So I got some black fabric and picked up leaves from the yard. I ironed on some freezer paper to a few to see if it would help them lay flat. Didn't really help, but I will need paper patterns for the fabric leaves at the next step so maybe I can use them later.

I was a little disappointed at the results. The black didn't discharge very well and some of the Clorox mix rolled off the leaves and left some definite bleached out spots. I couldn't find time later to work on it again.

Friday some of my church quilting group friends and I made a trip to the Chattanooga Quilt show. We had a great time, and were inspired, awed, and overwhelmed at all the beautiful quilts. Of course we couldn't get out without doing some shopping at the booths.

Then today we had a women's conference at church. Kay DeKalb Smith was the speaker/singer and did a fantastic job. She uses humour, song, and personal testimonies to get across her message. I really enjoyed it. We had a couple of breakout sessions and I was the presenter for one.

I did a "trunk show" type presentation and I actually used a trunk, one that belonged to my grandmother. I shared about my passion for quilting and how the Lord lead me to make a ministry out of a hobby -Remembrance Quilt Ministry. I had slides of many of the quilts I had made for gifts, and the ones made from loved ones' shirts. I also brought about 20 others to show.

Haven't had much down time at all this week. In another blog post I hope to share a little about a couple of products I bought at the show. Hope you've had a good week and are enjoying the weekend!


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