Friday, July 10, 2015

Quilt Guilds are Awesome!

Today was the Village Quilters Guild meeting. It is such a fabulous group of quilters. Some of the friendliest ladies I've ever met. And so much talent....I could go on and on. It is a large guild with many, many activities, workshops, classes, and an impressive community service group. After the meeting my friend and I went to a new members luncheon and had a great time visiting and getting to know some of the other newbies and board members. If you are visiting from there --hello! Glad you stopped by my blog!

During the show and tell time I showed my retirement quilt and the little one that is to be published in the magazine. Compared to the work of the other very talented quilters in this guild, it really isn't anything special or difficult, but I think it would appeal to someone wanting a quick and easy quilt to make. (BTW I do have permission from the magazine to publish pictures of it on the blog.)

These are very exciting days for me. I've learned so much lately about designing quilts through EQ and now I want to study up on color theory and value.

This evening, I've got it all packed up and ready to ship to Colorado tomorrow...

They told me they would make a style shot and a flat shot of it for the magazine and would send the pictures to me for my social media near time the magazine comes out.


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