Monday, July 20, 2015

Day Trip

After church the fisherman and I went to Crossville. We ate lunch at th Cumberland Mountain State park restaurant. It was the best buffet food I'd ever eaten! The wait was about thirty minutes but it was worth it. We ate our lunch with a view of the river. Then we drove around a bit.

Crossville is a beautiful community, establshed by homesteaders.

In quilting news, I sewed up a small quilt on Saturday and did the quilting when we got back from our little day trip. Here is the pieced back.

I'm not showing the front yet, because I plan to send the pictures to a magazine as a submittal. Some of them are very picky about not posting pictures on the Internet.

I used three traditional blocks with some more modern fabrics. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they will like it!


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Petit Design Co. said...

we have tried to go to that tower museum and the Homesteads house museum but we have yet to time it perfectly with our travel times!