Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day Weekend

I has been a nice active Labor Day weekend. Friday I took the paddleboard to a new place, an older lakeside neighbourhood.

It was fun to pass under this little bridge.

Then we put the board on the boat Saturday and took it to a friend's house. At one time I had a 9 year old, 7 year old, and 2 year old on the board with me. They all had a great time. I got to eat shrimp boil with them at their lake lot. Jim fished in a nearby cove while I was socializing and having fun. Fun day.

We went to church, and rested on the rainy Sunday. Perfect weather for a good long nap. Too bad I can't nap, but Jim enjoyed a nice one.

Today, Jim fished again and after I got in my three mile inside run, I paddle boarded again. I went to another new place, and met my friend there. She was a great sport and tried it.

She had a good time. She wanted to stand and started to, but decided she needed to get used to it a bit more first. She wants to do it again!

It was a beautiful day.

Then I got to see some neat pictures of my kids new home town, Edinburgh.

Of course I like the one below the best.....

Then, since after all, it is the first day of September......I decided to change out my summer quilts for the fall ones......

No sewing, but a very active weekend.


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