Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Bar Harbor, Maine

The hubby and I are spending some of his earned vacation bucks in Bar Harbor this week. Due to the drama at Chicago O'Hare on Sunday, we lost a day and a half of our vacation, but we made it by Monday evening and have spent our first day eating, window shopping, driving around and enjoying the cool weather and fall colors. After a yummy breakfast of a frittata, maple muffin, and fresh fruit, I did 3.1 miles of running

I ran a few blocks, then cut down this road which turned into a path, that then turned into Ocean Trail, a mile long trail established around1880.

It was beautiful and mostly deserted with just a few middle aged walkers the closer I got to the busy harbor.

At about a mile into the run, I was at the harbor, so I turned around and ran back. I passed our B&B and ran a few blocks more towards the shopping area. It was pretty early still, so there weren't many people out milling around. Then back again. I kept taking side roads until I ran a 5k. Nice. After I cleaned up, Jim and I headed out for some sight seeing.
Then we drove the loop around the island or peninsula, whatever it is...

Lots of color, a few deer, then back for seafood. Yum.

















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