Thursday, December 20, 2012

Lost dog

We are calling her Sadie. She just walked up on our deck a couple of days ago. Sweet as can be.

I called the shelter to see if anyone called them looking for her. I also put an ad in the local paper. She is kind of chubby, her nails are a bit long, and she whines to come inside, so we think she has been someone's house dog. Sweet as can be. Did I say that already? Lol.

I've been wanting a dog, a small one, but the hubby has plans on getting a golden retriever when he retires next year. He isn't that thrilled with her, but his tender heart made him fix a lamp outside shining on her bed to help her stay warm tonight in our screened porch. The bed -- courtesy of two friends. One was here visiting and had an old blanket in her car. I told another small dog lovin' friend about her and she brought over a bed for her.

Maybe a beagle dachshund mix?

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