Friday, December 7, 2012


I guess it really isn't a dilemma, but it feels like it. Remember this quilt?

One of my favorites. The little widow I made it for, only five months ago, passed away. She has one surviving child, and four grandchildren. They want me to cut it into four pieces, one for each of the grandchildren, as a memory of their grandparents, and add some of her clothing to it. It is their quilt. I told them I would,, oh man, I hate that. For several reasons. It will no longer be a useable quilt. The pieces will be put up "for safe keeping" and will never be used. It will never be wrapped around someone's shoulders. I really wish that the son would keep it intact, and then pass it on, one generation at a time. But it isn't my quilt. I don't get to decide. I think it is going to hurt when I cut it.....what would you do?

When cut, it won't even look like a wall hanging, because I don't have the same fabrics to use for borders, it will cut straight across some of the blocks, so it won't be even at 2 1/2 blocks by 3 blocks.

They aren't quilters so they really don't understand what this will do to this beautiful piece.

I will do my best to gently help the granddaughter-in-law understand what she wants done. I hope, I hope, that they change their minds.

Advice anyone?


Petit Design Co. said...

that is tough. I don't even know how you could incorporate the grandma's clothes after you cut up that quilt. Maybe you could turn it into pillow covers? Then they would be used instead of being put away.

Jan said...

Oh dear, how I loved that quilt when I first saw it. I can see why you are in such a quandry!

Two thoughts came to mind: Tell her you are so busy you can't get to it for at least 6 months (a year?) and at that time, review the options with her.

Or, if all else fails, remove the borders, cut it in fours and use grandma's clothing to border it.

Good luck,