Saturday, October 6, 2012

Surprise Party

Just got back from a surprise 60th birthday party for my friend. Her family put together an amazing party. She was so surprised! It has been a difficult year for her, and as she spoke her thanks, she gave credit to the Lord for being with her through the difficulties of losing her husband to cancer, and surrounding her with family and friends. She is loved.

They had the party at a really neat place in our town. A beautiful pavilion.

I loved the decor. Simple glass vases with floating candles in water with twigs. Spray painted pumpkins, pears, and pine cones.

She had been told her grandchildren wanted to give her a surprise and wanted her blind folded.

When about 50 of her friends yelled, "SURPRISE!" I thought she was going to faint! A great way to spend a fall afternoon. Good friends. Good food. Beautiful setting.

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