Saturday, October 13, 2012

Relaxing Saturday

No sewing this weekend......finally getting to relax a the swing.

Been an exciting two days. The hubby's routine colonoscopy turned into atrial fibrillation and an overnight hospital stay. They tried with medication to get his heart to slow down and get back in rhythm. I felt so sorry for him. The "prep" had made him violently sick. The dehydration may have brought it on. After a few hours in the emergency room, he got sick again.....but this time, afterwards he said he felt better and the nurse came running in cheering....because the heaving had gotten his heart back in rhythm. So, no cardioversion (the electric paddles) to get it right.

He was a happy camper afterwards. The doc still kept him overnight to be sure it stayed in rhythm, had a echo cardiogram performed on him, and he has an appointment with a cardiologist sometime soon. We think his heart may have done this before multiple times when he gets sick and dehydrated from his migraines. He said he has felt that same fluttering in his chest before. But for now.....well, he is back to normal. Within an hour of us getting home, he was in the boat fishing.

God is good. I am counting our blessings tonight and relaxing in the swing.

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