Saturday, February 13, 2016

Machine Quilting

Trying a new machine quilting technique on my little table runner. Why does it always look so easy on Pinterest?

I keep telling myself the only way to get better is to just do it.

In other life news...I have been training for a 15k.  We traveled to Nashville last night and had a nice dinner with my husband's twin sister and brother-in-law.  At race time the temp was around 18 with wind, a 'feels like' of 10 degrees.  They had initiated their cold weather plan where they asked all the slower runners and walkers registered for the 15k to do the 5k.  My pace wasn't quite as slow as the cutoff but by mile 2.3, my fingers and toes were so numb I just decided to do the 5k too.

There must have been a lot of walkers my age in the 5k because I finished 18 of 108!  I'm usually about middle of the pack.

 Four layers on top, two on bottom.  Still cold!

They gave those of us registered for the 15k our finisher's medal, but I feel like it was cheating. I'm sure I'll do my own 9.3 soon just so I can feel like I earned it.
We ended the day well.....stopped at the Premium Outlets on the way home and I had an epic shopping adventure.....

Happy to be spending some time with my valentine today.  He's a good sport.  Takes me to some of my races, and let's me, no, encourages me to shop!

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