Saturday, December 19, 2015

Sewing Saturday

I ran yesterday and also ran errands so I got to stay home and sew today. I'm not really fond of making half square triangles, but when I do, I use this method and chain piece.
 I also like to use my wooden iron to help with the seams.  Do you ever use one of these?

 This new little quilt I am making has 21 of these star blocks using 16 HST. What was I thinking? I thought it might expedite the process by drawing my lines on a whole lot of blocks to give me a head start on each star block.
...and even as I don't like HSTs, especially this size, 2" finished, I love the way my Dandelion star blocks are turning out.

Lesson learned: when your machine starts acting up....check for lint.  Ummm...duh.
One final thought for the sure is bittersweet when you FaceTime with your 22 month old granddaughter....and she comes close to the computer screen, reaches out, and says "hold you!"  That girl. Oh my.

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