Friday, October 30, 2015

Friday Catch Up Day

It's so nice having a day to get caught up with laundry, house cleaning, and errands. What did you do today?

As I was putting away some freshly washed quilts today, I other quilters decorate their homes with their quilts?  Do you?

The husband often falls asleep in his recliner so there is always a quilt there.  The runner on the back of the couch is not for decor, but to try to keep the couch clean.  One of our cats loves to sleep on the top couch pillows.  I have several on the ladder and a few folded up on the trunk, the little fall leaf quilt on the coffee table, and it isn't very evident in this picture, but I have my retirement quilt hanging by the front door.  I also have a quilt chest in my bedroom, with several, a rack in the extra bedroom with a few, one on my kitchen table as a topper, and one hanging in the landing of the several little ones packed away. And of course, at least two on each bed.  How about you? Do you decorate with quilts?

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