Friday, August 16, 2013

Ring Toss Baby Quilt

Started my next project tonight. Going to use some of the fabulous fabric I won recently from Heather Mulder Peterson and one of her patterns.

The hubby is fishing a night tournament again, so my plan is to sew in the morning while he sleeps. Got it all cut out tonight. This will be for a gift for a baby boy due in November. We will find out what our little grand baby is pretty soon. I am very excited about making something sweet for my own little grand baby.

Just in case anyone is wondering about my running (yeah, I know, probably not I was able to run again today after being off two weeks with thigh/hip pain. I only did a mile, and it was very slow, but I was so excited. I think I have some osteoarthritis in my left hip but I am determined to figure out a way to continue with the running. I may not be able to go very fast or do any long distances but I am confident I will get back to 10-12 miles a week. It is my favourite exercise program, ever. In addition to starting back pretty slow I am doing some hip exercises to strengthen the muscles around the joints. Everything I've read, says if you don't move those arthritic joints they will only get worse.


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