Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Another day in paradise

Laughingly, I told a friend today was another day in paradise. I am the biggest homebody. There is nothing I love more than staying home and doing projects. I removed the old screened porch door and put up a new one. I thought of a clever way to measure the holes for the hinges....

Freezer paper folded on the corners and marked with a pencil for the screw holes. Worked great.

Does anybody do this anymore? I love the smell of laundry dried by the sunshine. I think using the vinegar fabric softener must help the towels not to be 'crunchy', they were pleasant and so fresh.

Spent almost two hours cleaning only two windows. I am amazed how nasty garage windows get.

And now, just enjoying my plants and the pleasant evening. Put in a mandevilla and a dipladenia today. Very similar plants. Love the heat. They are the only thing that thrives on our back deck throughout the summer. The mandevilla is in the background of the photo above. I love the red!


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