Thursday, February 14, 2013

C25K progress

I am pumped. Really. I did week two, day 1, of the eight week program. Yeah, I only ran 1 1/2 minutes at a time, alternating with 2 minutes of walking, but that is an accomplishment! It feels so great.

Week one was easy and today really seemed about as easy. Unless I wake up sore tomorrow, I am going to do day two; and i'll finish up the three sessions for week two on Sunday. This has got to be the best program ever for training to run a 5k. Slowly and consistently alternating between jogging and walking. I know it is early in the program but I am loving it. If you are even remotely interested look up "C25k success stories" on the web. Many folks start out very, very overweight and can do it.

On a different topic....

I decided to go ahead an appliqué the baby's name on his little quilt. I ordered some light grey thread to use for the quilting. Hopefully it will come tomorrow or Saturday.

I love to learn. Learning something new drives me. Quilting is my hobby of choice but now I have two new hobbies. Running (I hope, realizing it is still early in my training program), and shooting. I am taking my carry permit class on Saturday. It is a fun hobby too, and a good skill to have.


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