Sunday, April 30, 2017

Watching and Waiting

This weekend, there has been no sewing. No running. Just watching and waiting.  Waiting for what, you may ask.  My mom was moved to hospice care two weeks ago with heart failure.  She is going down pretty fast.  We were able to move her back to the assisted living with some helpers to sit with her when we aren't here.  Just myself and my brother are available to be near.
I've stayed with her the last two nights and again tonight.  She seems so close. She is 88 and has lived a good long life. We've been blessed that her mind is still sharp.  Even now, although she is weak she still knows us, extended family members, and things that have happened years ago.  A family member dreamed a dream when my Dad died.  She dreamed he was walking up a beautiful path the night he died.  A few weeks ago she dreamed he was walking back down the path. A week or so later, she dreamed he was at the bottom of the path, shuffling his feet as if he was waiting on something.  Then a couple of nights ago, he was reaching out his her.  We feel like the Lord is going to let my Dad escort her to heaven. She is ready and wants to go.  

Death is sacred. A difficult but necessary part of life.  

I hope I have the dying grace she exhibits.  We appreciate your prayers for comfort and peace as she transitions to the hereafter.

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