Sunday, April 9, 2017


I've not blogged as much in the last year or so as I've done in previous years.  I have a website now for my quilting but I miss the friends I made, who occasionally would comment on my projects.  Last night I pulled out my blog book for 2014-2015 and so enjoyed reading through it.  I'm determined to get back into posting about life - cooking, family, running, quilting, just whatever.  Blogging is a wonderful way to record daily life, and if you print a book from your blog posts every year or so, it will give your children, grand children, or even great grandchildren a look into your life.....

I want to capture some of the wonderful sights my son and his family are enjoying in Scotland.  Here are some pictures they sent recently. I am so thankful they have friends to go on adventures with in their new country.  I believe Katie said this was Sir Walter Scott's home (the "castle house" as Emma and her friend Andrew called it).

Emma and her little adventure buddy.

My beautiful daughter-in-love and sweet baby Haddon, and a family shot.

I worked on a quilt this afternoon.  I'm ready to take the Craftsy class on improving my machine quilting skills.  After doing this for about eight years now, I should be better than I am.  One thing I learned today......don't pick a backing thread without looking through all your thread first.  I picked a grey, thinking I didn't have a navy cone, but I did! The backing was navy and my filler quilting isn't that great.  The bobbin thread showed up a lot more than I would have liked on the backing.
Can't post a full picture yet.  The block is going to be in the next Quiltmaker 100 blocks issue.  I submitted my quilt and they decided to pass on it.  Oh well, win some and lose some.

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