Saturday, October 8, 2016

Product Review

I know Yeti products are all the rage.  I am sure they are excellent quality, but from what I've heard they are also pricey.  If you are thrifty like me, here is an excellent product for keeping cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot, just like the Yeti.
This is the 30 ounce Ozark Trail cup from Walmart for $9.74.  I put ice in it at 5:30 am the other day, went to work, left it in the car for about 11 hours, then back home.  The next morning, there was still a little chunk of ice in it and the water was COLD.  So, there ya go! They also have the 20 ounce for $7.74.  Thinking of getting one of those for my coffee this winter.

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