Saturday, October 8, 2016

Busy Fall Weekend

Long post, be warned.  I am loving this cooler weather.  I had a long run on my schedule for my half marathon training.  Did it Friday.  Felt awesome.
So very thankful I can do this, albeit slowly.  Then today I decided to tackle another woodworking project -- privacy screens.  Our screened porch is in full view of our neighbors back yard and he is always out there piddling around.  I looked on Pinterest trying to find something I could make.  I saw lots of screens but none exactly like what I had in mind, so I designed them myself.  It is a very simple design.
I angled the corners and made a picture frame.  Then nailed lattice slats on the back side.  Got to use my Kreg jig!

I put a coat of Kilz2 primer on it and the plan is to paint them white with outdoor paint.  My nail gun kept giving me trouble or I would have had all of them put together this evening.
Not sure what is wrong with it.  I'd take the battery off and open it up and most times it would work for one more nail, then stop again.  Argh.
I did get two ready for the final paint and hung them.  I used screw in hook and eyes to hang them from the existing porch railing.
I think they are going to give us a little more privacy but also add a nice touch to the porch.  I had hoped to get some homemade bread made today but that didn't happen.  My mom gave me some over ripe bananas so I made a couple of loaves of banana walnut bread.
Yum.  Hope to pull up some dead plants tomorrow after church.  Fall weather is so nice.  Maybe by Monday I might get back to my big Irish Chain quilt.


Finished the screens all but the last coat of paint.  I bought some outdoor spray paint for that final step.  Painting them with a brush was a pain.

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