Wednesday, August 5, 2015


My son, daughter-in-love, and grand baby girl are in Paris for a month. I'm excited for them but I also know how difficult international travel can be. I can only imagine with a baby. However, my sweet DIL sends me pictures and videos almost everyday.

My baby girl seems to be enjoying her new digs. I hope and pray this adventure is just that, an exciting fulfilling adventure for all of them!



Jan said...

How exciting for your son and family! Will you be visiting them in Paris?

I can't believe how grown up Emma looks! What a beautiful little girl.

Rachel said...

Thank you Jan! Of course I think this baby girl is the best!! I've offered to come keep them company but they are in a teeny tiny flat and they do have several of their friends from Edinburgh there also for the month. However, if my DIL tells me she is lonely (my son goes to school in the mornings there) I'd probably take off in a heart beat on the first flight I could get.