Wednesday, April 8, 2015

What I wore Wednesday

When I retired I thought I had plenty of clothes. I did have plenty of work clothes and plenty of running clothes. Not too much casual day in/day out at home clothes. I recently purchased two pair of jeans from The Loft. Love these jeans. They are pretty pricey but I found mine at the outlet store in Pigeon Forge for about half price. Best jeans ever. The pair I am wearing today is the jewelled relaxed skinny.
Very casual but comfy and stylish. Great with my converse. The shirt is one I picked up on a sale rack. It has a high low hem. Funny thing though, when I look in the back for the label, it says "sleepwear," haha....I don't care. I am wearing it for a regular casual shirt. So, obviously the look is very casual today.

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Leah said...

That is my favorite place for jeans/pants. You have to catch the days when the whole store is half off!-Leah