Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Not quilting

If you've come to my blog to be inspired please click on the Gallery of Quilts tab. I've made about 140 quilts so hopefully there is enough there to inspire you. I'm not doing much quilting these days. My sewing room is filled with boxes and boxes of stuff from my son and daughter-in-laws recent move. I'll have to get that in some kind of order before I'll be able to sew. I don't do well with disorganization. It stresses me. Bear with me, I'll get it out of the way soon, or at least in some kind of reasonable order. I have a couple of baby quilts to make in the next few months and a remembrance quilt, so I've got incentive to get back to quilt making.

My mind and heart is on a plane bound for Edinburgh, Scotland, as I write.

There are many lessons for me in this major move for my son and his family. I've got to realize God has them in his soverign will. He cares for his own and promises to never leave us. They are his.

Today I've been praying for kind and compassionate people to be there to help them get settled in. I have to ask myself am I one of those people? Would I be kind and compassionate to a young family moving into my area? I'm praying for God to work in the lives of people they will meet to help them with this transition, and it makes me so much more aware of my role here to do the same.

My sweet daughter in law is carrying ear plugs for the other passengers, just in case Emma cries on the flight. I pray that someone on the flight will see her kind gesture and reciprocate, and show them patience and grace.

I am using an iPhone app to track their flight, they still have a few hours to go. My heart is heavy with worry but I keep some of my favorite verses in mind......when I am afraid, I will trust in you......trust in The Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding....I can't protect them, I have to trust in God.


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