Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Swoon with pinwheels

I used some of the 144 extra half square triangles from the flying geese units for a border. It isn't perfect but I think it will do. I really liked this pattern but.....I don't know, maybe I'll like it better after it is quilted. I guess thirties fabrics just aren't my favorite but it is what I had. I am too frugal to go out and buy more fabric when I had plenty to make a nice quilt.

....well, it does look like a summery quilt.



Mam said...

the pinwheel border really adds to the quilt. Beautiful.

pamela thorne said...

I love your quilt! 30's are my happy fabrics and love seeing it done with the reproduction fabrics. I have one on my bucket list.

Pam in Middle TN

Anonymous said...

I really love this top!