Saturday, May 18, 2013

Another Degree

I wanted to post a picture of another SBTS graduation. My son, Elijah, completed the requirements for his second Masters degree and graduated on Friday, which was also his birthday. This one was a Master of Theology, typically thought to be a higher level master program than the MDiv, and some consider it equivalent to the first year of a Phd, which is his next goal.

He has worked full time on evening shift while attending school full time for this degree and for the majority of the time in his first Masters program. He jokes that the library gave him his own desk he was there so much. He is one smart boy (has an undergraduate degree in Chemistry) and this momma is very proud of him and his precious wife. She has supported him through all of this while working and attending school herself. I am so blessed by and thankful for these two and look forward to seeing how God uses them for his glory.


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