Saturday, March 2, 2013

C25K; Ease into 5k - Week 5 day 1

Brrrrr. Determined to do this. Chose the track for today's run.

It was snowing by the time I finished, but I did finish!

I bought some cold weather gear yesterday, but am not comfortable running in the compression tights just yet without something over them. In my mind I still feel like a runner wannabe, or is it modesty? Anyway, I pulled a pair of yoga pants over them and my lower body stayed toasty warm. The temp was a "feels like" 33. The head band worked great to keep my ears warm.

I found this great neoprene band to wear around the waist. It houses my iPhone, keys, and whatever else I want to take with me. Love it. The fleece jacket came off after the first 5 minute run.

Overall, I was very pleased. I did 2.64 miles with an average time of 13:44/mi. I am up to 18 minutes of interval running. I'm getting there.


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