Saturday, March 30, 2013

Batik strip quilts

I worked on my friend's quilt today (the one we swapped out effort - she worked on my yard and in turn, I am going to finish this quilt for her). This pattern is by 3 Dudes. We found it at the Missouri Star Quilt Company website. They have some great free tutorials.

I think it turned out pretty cute. She needs to decide if she wants a small border and what she wants for the backing. I think if it were me I'd just bind it without a border. At 53 x 42 it is a good size for a toddler.

Then I scrounged up all my reject leftover batik 2 1/2 inch strips. I want to make a young friend a wedding present. This pattern is called Split Decision. My plan is to make up a bunch of the blocks and then decide which ones to keep in the quilt. I didn't have enough contrast brights, so the dark blue and red will probably not make it in the final quilt. I think I kind of like this quilt, especially for not having to buy anything to make it. It sews up really fast.

Her wedding is in April. I wanted to do this gift before I got started on the two baby quilts. The babies aren't due until June and July. I've got some time for those.

Nice day, and I even got in my 30 minute run. Working on my time. Today was 11:20 min/mi. Shaving off a little at a time.


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Linda said...

This is stunning. Don't know how you can give up all the quilts you make. ;)