Friday, January 4, 2013

Not like Pinterest!

I've always wanted to make my own noodles. Found a recipe online. Looked easy enough. They just don't look like the perfect noodles on Pinterest.....

...and what a mess. The dough stuck to the counter even though I dusted it well. So I had to ball up the dough again and then try using waxed paper. That worked better. I am making chicken noodle soup.

I think it is going to be fine, maybe even yummy.



Petit Design Co. said...

ha ha that is funny because I was just googling how to make pasta last night. It does seem easy enough in theory. Maybe I'll stick to buying pasta :)

Was it worth it? How did they taste?

Jan said...

I remember my grandmother making noodles, white cotton towels draped over all the chairs, covered with noodles...they were sooo wonderful, especially in her home made (pluck the chicken, pich the veggies) soup. What a wonderful memory!

Have a great day,