Sunday, January 13, 2013

Blog Book

I used Blog2Print to make my blog posts into a book. I've made two books and I have been very happy with both. You can pick the outside color, pictures for the front and back, and text for the spine and introduction.

I enjoy flipping through it and reading my posts and seeing the photographs.

I selected the compact method, which didn't always keep the photos and their text on the same page, but did save some pages. Overall it is a high quality product, a keepsake. One I hope some distant relative somewhere down the road will enjoy perusing.



Jan said...

What a great idea. Did you do a year at a time?

I love that photo on the cover!


Rachel said...

This book covers two years but in the future I am going to only do one calendar year in each book. Technology changes so much and my pictures are stored out in cloud land in Picasa. I fear that if I wait too long to make a book, my pictures may not be available. That almost happened with this one.