Thursday, June 8, 2017

No sewing but having family home is better!

My son and his family traveled to the states for a three week visit!  No, he didn't make it before his grandmother passed away, but between the two of them, they still have two living grandmothers and wanted to see them.
It was so, so good to have them here.  They split their time between parents here and her parents in Memphis.  The hubby only got one day with them before he left for his annual fishing trip, but he managed to take Emma for a boat ride, which she absolutely loved.

Yep, she was 'driving' and 'toot-tooting' the horn.  We played in a little pool and a big pool.

She got to ride a miniature horse, drive a Ranger, and play with new friends.

 Her and her daddy even made friends with our incredibly shy/scared big kitty cat.
....and all of this was just while they were in East Tennessee, she had more adventures in Memphis.  I am so in love with these two children.  And so happy they came to see Mamaw.

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