Saturday, May 14, 2016

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Taking a little break from quilting today. Enjoy our vacation pictures.

We are ending our week long adventure in Jackson Hole, WY and Yellowstone.  Mid May is a good time to come because there are no crowds.  That also means that lots of activities are not open yet, as well as some of the lodges and park roads, but that is fine with us.  Usually we just eat, drive around looking for wildlife, and take goofy pictures of each other.  Our first day here it spitted snow.

We saw a lot of these scruffy goats in the wildlife refuge in Jackson.

The snow on the Tetons was very beautiful.

 We saw a couple of moose (mooses??) at the Jackson Hole Golf and Tennis Club.  Yes, just walking around eating on the trees.

 This little guy was so cute.  He came right up to me begging.
 ..and of course we saw lots and lots of bison and elk.

 ...taking a picture of him taking a picture....
It was amazing to see all the snow still there, especially in the lower portion of Yellowstone. That is snow on the lake!

 Although there was still lots of snow, the temps were in the high 50's and low 60's our last day of touring in the park.

 Back in Jackson for our last night, I was able to get in a run.   That was pretty neat.  There is a long walking/running/biking path along the main road into Jackson which joins the Elk Refuge.

Yeah, that sign on the running path, but I didn't run into any big game.

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