Sunday, November 16, 2014

Goin' to see my baby girl!

I am going. Yep, to Scotland. Edinburgh specifically. The awesome thing about it is, I get to see my grand girl Emma! The hubby is holding the fort down on this one. I'll check out the accessibility conditions there so we can determine if he will be able to go next year with me. He has a bad leg (polio) that really limits the amount of walking he can do.

So, I did some practice packing today. Love those space bags! From this:

To this:

I've really got to compact my things, because I am trying to take them some things they need, like Elijah's bagpipes. Every good Scot has got to play the bag pipes, right?

And... since I am going to be there for two weeks, and they have a Christmas 5k, I signed up!

My first "destination" race.

I am so thankful that the hubby has earned a lot of travel bucks this year. He is letting me use some for my trip. He's a nice guy like that.





pamela thorne said...

Sounds like an awesome trip! You get to visit with your son and daughter-in-love and get to love on that sweet granddaughter of yours. Good luck on the run!

Rachel said...

Thank you Pamela! I am very excited about this trip!

Anonymous said...

So very excited for you!! Our daughter lives in Plymouth, UK for 12 years now. I've made many trips over to see her, our son-in-law and for the last 4 1/2 years her two little boys. Most of my luggage is filled with requests of American food or presents for all of them. Love going over. We have been to Edinburgh -LOVE that city! Have a wonderful time! Anne D.