Monday, December 23, 2013

Lazy Monday

I am off from work all week and I am feeling so lazy.....I did do some errands, some laundry, a little cooking, a little sewing and even ran three very difficult miles today, but still didn't feel productive. Maybe because I just didn't feel like I accomplished anything.

I made some snow....popcorn with white chocolate drizzled over them with some m&m's thrown in. Addictive. And I did get all the blocks done for the Remembrance quilt I am working on.

I only worked on it for about an hour today. I don't have any fabric for the backing yet, and I realized I am not going to get it finished by Christmas, so I guess I wasn't too motivated.

We are having the local family here for Christmas Eve dinner tomorrow night, so there will be more cooking tomorrow.

As you cook, eat, celebrate, or whatever you do for the holidays....don't forget whose birthday it is....



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