Saturday, October 5, 2013

Owl appliqué

I am not convinced this is going to turn out as cute as I hoped. I've still got to do the zig zag edges around all the appliqué.

I am using the green minkee fabric on the back so I thought it would be nice for the owl on the front. It is so soft and touchable, but not exactly the same shade of green as in the quilt.


I drew the owl freehand based on one of the owls in the print. Added the flower to make it look more like a girl much like Heather Peterson did on one of her owl appliqué patterns.

Funny, the "modern" colors and even the owl is a throw back to the seventies. I guess it is true that everything eventually comes back in style as new or modern. My mom said this to me in the seventies regarding some "new" type of sandals that were popular, the same style she wore in the forties.


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