Saturday, August 6, 2022

I want to remember these times......

 Some days you just fill your mind with an abundance of memories that you never want to forget. Memories that will make you smile years from now - the blessings of a full life. Today was one of those days.

We got our new golden retriever puppy a few weeks ago.  And YES, it is like having a new born baby - both the good and the bad! We are finally adjusting to all the changes so we had the kids over for a Friday night sleepover.  First, let me introduce "Puzzle."  She is our new baby.  Jim has wanted a golden retriever dog for YEARS.  I mean, like since we married 20 years ago. I never wanted a dog that sheds.  He wouldn't consider the doodle type dogs so I finally caved when a friend of a friend had full bred golden puppies available.

She is named after Puzzle, the Golden Retriever search and rescue dog belonging to and working with Susannah Charleson.  She has written three books so far of her adventures with her dogs and her search and rescue work. Great books, if you love animals you should read them.
We haven't had our regular every-other-friday-night-sleepovers with the kids since we got her and then me having covid. We missed them badly. We want them to love Puzzle and learn how to help care for her and play with her.  So they were here last night and today.  They did so great with her! It was so good to have their happy little faces here to fill our home with love and laughter ❤️ So after our traditional breakfast of pancakes, we played with the pup, helping her learn tricks, then they played games on the iPads for a bit (they don't have them at home, so it's a treat when they come to our house), and we did a little road trip with Puzzle to a couple of pet stores.  Our road trip included letting Papaw and Puzzle hang out in a grassy, shady area while me and at the kids had lunch at our favorite place, Pizza Inn.   After picking out a harness, some bones, and a personalized dog tag, we headed home, as we talked, laughed, and listened to Israel K's version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow, all the while loving on and playing with Puzzle between the two kids in the back seat of the truck.

I'll throw this picture in too, below.  The last sleepover involved a movie with 3D glasses and another trip to Pizza Inn.  This was BP, or before Puzzle. We had a great time with the grands this night too. (by the way, we did not see the Top Flight movie, but a Minions movie - 😊)

When we got back home, and they tired of the iPad games, there was a wrestling matching with Papaw in the big bed. Lots of giggling, wrestling, jumping and laughter. Such great memories.  Then they wanted to mess up Papaw's the little hands were all in his hair making it a mess - he loved it.  Puzzle was jumping and wanting into the action, while Mamaw was trying hard not to be constantly saying, "don't jump on the bed!  Be careful! Someone's going to fall!"😊

Later we all loaded up again and drove to the little marina close to our home, for ice cream.  Yummy on such a hot day.

We are going to miss these days so bad when the kids grow up, or when they move, which with my son's job seems very likely. So we are soaking them up as best as we can. I'm not very eloquent in my writing but I wanted to capture these memories today in my blog, which I will print as a book at some point. Something I do usually every couple of years.  When I'm old, I want to read about these wonderful, fun, happy, days.

I guess since this blog is supposed to be mainly about my quilting, I'll add this picture of my last project.  This is another 'mola' type design where you layer some colorful fabric between the top layer and the batting, then cut pieces of it away to reveal the fabric underneath.  My friend wanted one to put on her porch and I wanted to make another as some practice on my new machine.  She was very happy with it.

Friday, June 24, 2022

An Upgrade, some quilts, kids, and a puppy!

 I have upgraded my long arm machine to one with a bigger throat space and a bigger table.  I'm calling it my bass boat. 😊 I've had fun the last couple of days doing some small quilts I had ready.  So much to learn on a new machine.

I made a little mola type design, where you layer a colored fabric underneath the top and then cut away some of the fabric after quilting.  Loved making this!  I really want one bigger to put over the fireplace so I'll have to make another.

I finally landed on this place in our back hallway to display it. I'll probably move it again, just not sure where I want it to be.
I did a little table runner/wall hanging, from my Edinburgh Square pattern and scraps. I really didn't know what I was doing on the quilting, but I had fun playing with the overlapping spirals.

Ended up putting this one on the wall in the dining area. It may not stay there either.

I tried an interlocking circles pattern for the scrappy lap size Edinburgh Square. By the way, I'm really tired of making quilts with 1 1/2" strips!
Recently we went to our granddaughter's first swim meet.  She did great.  (Photo by Chris Barger)
Visited my friend at her lake lot and had a ball paddle boarding and playing in the water.
Then here at Mamaw and Papaw's we did light saber fights.
And last but not least, we picked out a sweet little Golden Retriever puppy that we will be getting in a few weeks.  I'm a bit apprehensive about all the work it is going to take, but the hubby is thrilled.  He says he will train her and take her with him all the time wherever he goes. I know they are supposed to be the absolute best dogs and easily trained.  

Friday, June 10, 2022

Summertime and a new Quilt

 Mercy, isn't summer just the best?  It sure is when you've got some fun littles around.  They visited this evening and I let them stick around an hour or so after momma and daddy went home.  We had fun playing outside and them trying to get "air born" in pictures.

They sure make life fun!  

I've worked hard the last week making these mini Edinburgh Square blocks.  Was going to make it bed size but really wanted this one to finish up, so I decided on a lap size, 48" x 60"  and finally got the blocks all finished.  Now to sew them together.  It might make a fun table quilt for our outside table.

The hair is still growing and is pretty wild.  I wore it up in a scarf all day today.  So easy and I love the "chic" look.

Saturday, May 21, 2022


 I've done some changing up in my quilting room preparing for something big and exciting.  No, not a new quilt published (haven't had one published in about two years now 😔) but something fun for my quilting hobby.  The hubby and I went to the Paducah quilt show a few weeks ago and enjoyed all the beautiful quilts, fabrics, sewing products our eyes let us see. We also enjoyed some good times with old friends.  

I'm currently waiting on the shirts for two memory quilts, so I am struggling to find some smaller projects to do to improve my skills.  I made another Elizabeth Hartman animal design and quilted it on my friend's Bernina machine.

I love her animal patterns.  No paper piecing and really not too difficult.

I made a mini version of my Edinburgh Square pattern as a table runner or wall hanging.  Still need to quilt it.

On our way to Paducah a few weeks ago we stopped for lunch at a great little place called Patti's.
And here is our little grandson upon his graduation from pre-school.  He is so excited about getting to go to Kindergarten next fall.

Friday, May 13, 2022

Race and Hair

 My daughter in law and I recently did a local 5k in support of the Kennedy Ladd Foundation.  Kennedy is a precious little girl with Hurler's syndrome, a debilitating genetic condition. Her little brother Lincoln, also has it.  The community we live in is very supportive of their family. Check out their website and consider donating for a cure.

The hair is still growing!  I"m loving these crazy silver curls. How long (or big) will it get? No one knows.  :)  

I poofed it out really good just to see how big it was. Pretty big.

Saturday, April 9, 2022

Low Volume I Spy Quilt

 Finally got this one finished and on our bed.  I was needing another summer quilt for our big bed and I just love it.  I also love the fact that it was simple, fast, and made entirely from scraps and my stash. It is a free pattern I found on the All People Quilt instagram account called I Spy Low Volume quilt.

I'm still in my 'use low volume prints for lights' quilting mode, even after about two years.  I just love the interest and texture they bring to a quilt. I use some scraps of Kona solids I've had for years, for the little triangles.

I also recently quilted this little beauty for a friend's new grand baby.  The cross stitch and piecing was done by the baby's great grandmother. She did a great job and I was nervous about quilting it.  My machine has been acting a little weird and even after a service call it still acted up once.  I got it running but was literally praying it would finish this quilt.  I think quilting for others stresses me out and that's the reason I don't think I'd enjoy doing this for a business.  I am perfectly happy making quilts for my friends, family, gifts, and charities.
We kept the kids last night as our usual every two weeks for a sleepover. Watched the movie Sing2, which both had seen before but loved all the songs in it and loudly, with much dancing, sang to each. I've not done too well lately with making photos of them.  Gotta do better, they are growing up so fast.  Haddon registered for kindergarten yesterday and is very excited to get to go to real school.

Emma had career day a few weeks ago and after learning a lot about space travel wanted to be an astronaut. Her momma got her the costume with  promise from her to wear it on halloween.

I am still trying to grow out my curls.  These photos was on a rare good hair day.  I've been struggling this week.  Really trying to figure out what products work the best to tame the curls with less frizz and more definition.  It is definitely a project for me. It's' actually about two inches longer than it looks here.

Saturday, March 19, 2022

Lots of baby quilts

Recently I was on a kick to make baby quilts using Elizabeth Hartman's animal patterns.  They are so cute and her instructions are great.  I won't say they are easy but if you read, read, and read again before you cut and sew you'll do fine with them.  They are not paper pieced, which is amazing.

Here are a few I've made recently.

The giraffe will be going to a safari themed nursery.  The baby shower is today.  They requested a book, new or used, be given in place of cards.  I was excited to pick out a vintage Golden Book from my collection, Noah's Ark, to go with the quilt as the gift.
Did a free quilting design (Urban Elementz) of lizards on these two.  Loved how it turned out.

Practiced circles on my Quilt EZ computer on the Elephant.

I've made several of her animal patterns before and love them all.  This set was in a booklet that was safari themed.  I still want to make a few more.  Such great, simple, baby quilt gift ideas. Want to do the Lion next.  It's awesome!
The sunflower mini was one I did from a free pattern from Sugar Free Quilts, in support of the Ukrainians under attack.  Pray for Ukraine! The original pattern called for 3 1/2" squares. I cut them at 1 1/2" for a smaller version.