Monday, May 3, 2021

Board and Batten

 I had forgotten to post my final pics of the board and batten project I did in our back hallway.  It isn't perfect but I do love it so much. So much even that I'd like to do a wall in our great room by the front door.

I used furring strips which were pretty rough.
I've decided if I do it again, I may use some other board that are only 1/4".
I do love the look.  :)

We are empty nesters again

 After nine months my son and his family have moved to their own place.  It is bittersweet.  We will miss the littles so very much, and I know my DIL is so ready to be the woman of her own space and to be honest I am ready to have my house back. Living with family can be hard and we've had our moments, but when they look back I hope they know how much we love them and have done our best to be helpful to them on their journey of life. I hope the grandchildren realize the joy they have brought to our lives these nine months.  I couldn't have asked for a better grandpa than my husband. These are not his biological grandchildren but he loves them as if they were his flesh and blood.  He is the best! Always taking time to play with them and thinking of things they would like to do.  The house sure is a lot quieter.  Thankfully they are only about five minutes away.  Not like across the ocean like they've been the last six years.  

A couple of weeks before their move they got their first pets - two precious kitties.

I am in love with the little white one.  His name is Apollo and he is the most laid back, gentle little soul.  My grandson, Haddon, can carry him around like a baby (on his back) and sing him to sleep.  It is something to see.....
Artemis is the grey tabby, and a feisty one is she!  Like my granddaughter.  

My Emma found her first four leaf clover the other day. What excitement in that little toothless grin - she also had just lost her second top tooth.
There was a little accident on their moving day.  Poor Jesse, our 13 year old cat, accidentally got his tail slammed in the door.  Off to the emergency vet we went.  They bandaged it up but said most likely it was broken and that part needed to be amputated.  Little Haddon did it and when he realized Jesse was bleeding and hurt he was hysterical, "Oh Mamaw, I'm so sorry!  I made Jesse bleed. It was an accident. Oh Mamaw, I'm so sorry."  It was the most pitiful thing I've ever seen.  This little four year old boy, who has a heart of gold was absolutely heartbroken he had hurt the cat.  That broke my heart so bad.  He was shaking uncontrollably. I had to get down in his face and tell him "You are more important than Jesse. It was an accident. I know you didn't mean to do it...."  Jesse really didn't even act like it bothered him today.  His bandage had fallen off and he went about as usual. He will be fine I'm sure.  They amputated it today and we pick him up tomorrow.
So, after they got almost all their stuff moved, I've spent the last couple of days washing bedding, quilts, rearranging and even doing some purging.  It has felt so good. I absolutely love dressing up the twins (the twin beds) in quilts. These were the ones I settled on today, a couple of my pandemic scrap quilts from 2020.

And the empty room upstairs where my son and his wife have lived the last nine months. All cleaned up and bare.  But -- I do have some plans for this room and can't wait to decorate it.

These pics will serve as my "before" shots.  :)

I feel like this blog post is a catch up from the last few months.......good for you if you've read to the end!

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Board & Batten

 After putting the primer and one coat of paint, I was disappointed.  The boards were still too rough.  So I have spent several hours now sanding, sanding, sanding, and sanding.  I *think* I have it smooth enough to start painting again.  It will be a while before it's finished. 

And some more pictures of the faux shiplap I did in the grandkids room.
We had a house guest recently so the littles slept upstairs with their momma and daddy.  I was able to get the room back into shape.
After I saw these pictures I realized I didn't do a line of tape at the top where the wall and ceiling meets. I've since done that and it completes it.
Oh, how I love this little room.  I love the vintage beds, the antique chest, how I can change out quilts on the beds, and the magic light trick in the sconces, and of course my favorite pictures of the littles. 

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Memory Quilts Finished

 Got all four of the memory quilts finished and ready for a rest from quilting for a bit.

Shirts are hard to work with!  So, I'm ready for a break.  The recipients seemed very happy with them.  I am glad.  After finishing these I was ready to do a little painting.  Here's a few things I've done recently.

The little guy and I hid the clover rock yesterday in preparation for St. Patricks Day.

I did a thing this week.  I have been wanting to do a faux shiplap wall in the grandkids bedroom.  I did it in an afternoon, about three hours and cost me about $5.  Seriously.  Here is the before.  Pardon the toys and mess.  The grandkids are still living here for a few more weeks.

I placed a mark on the left corner every six inches from top to bottom with a pencil.  Then took a level and made a line all the way to the other corner for each mark.  After than I started at the left side again with 1/8" black whiteboard tape (Amazon) pulled it out 12-24" at a time, pressed it down all the way to the right corner for each line.  Then put a dot of hot glue at every interval in the corners to help the tape to stick.  I did use a little purple school glue stick every now and then if some needed some extra stickiness.
I think I like it and if I don't it will be easy to pull off and use a magic eraser to get the pencil marks off.  When the kiddos move out I'll be back to having this little room in tiptop shape and change out the quilts for the seasons.

Friday, February 26, 2021

Memory Quilt Two

 This one went together quicker and easier than the first. I think it is going to be my favorite.  I made up the pattern based on something similar seen on Pinterest.

The top is done but still has to be quilted.  I did something today that I enjoyed.  Mended a hole in some favorite Loft jeans.  They were the 'ripped' style and at my age, I really don't like seeing my white knee sticking through the jeans when I bend my knee. After doing my little random stitching on them, I happened to look on Instagram and found some amazing menders. They seem to use Sashiko cotton thread. It appears thicker, so I went to Etsy and ordered some.  Going to use it for future jeans mending.
And this picture just made me home is full of toys now with the grandkids living here.  That is going to change in a month or so, as they have decided to move into a condo close by that belongs to another family member.  It will be good for them to have their own place, as much as we have enjoyed having them with us the last 7 months.
Nothing like a crocodile crawling out of your bathtub!

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Memory Quilts

I was asked to make four memory quilts.  I have never made more than one for a family, and this has proven to be quite an undertaking.  I have one top finished, didn't have enough shirts for four, but when making these you don't know that until you get them all deconstructed and cut for a pattern.  They gave me more shirts from other family members so I'm not sure the fourth quilt will have much of his shirts in it.  Oh well. I learned something. One - I don't have a slow button so whatever I have on my agenda to do, I will usually work like crazy to get it done, and Two - not to agree to making more than one memory quilt for a family.  It is just too much for me.  I've been very stressed about these.  I finally got one done, and two more mostly cut for the patterns I've chosen.  They are not in any hurry so I am going to put this on pause for a few weeks, if I can.  I just hate having projects hanging over my head. I am definitely a finisher.

I've been waiting on a new pantograph to quilt my latest scrap quilt.  It is called Easy Orange Peel.  I think it worked good for this one, although I can't show the quilt yet.  I've submitted it and don't know yet if the magazines are going to take it.

I like to color code the design if there are two interlocking patterns.

I've been sewing the binding down on the front side, then using school glue to stick it to the back side. Then iron it down and machine stitch it.

Of course you can see the stitching on the back side, but the front looks flawless.  SO quick and easy. I doubt I'll ever hand bind again.  This quilt is so cute!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2021


Watched a video today on how to paint bubbles.  Pretty fun, and actually pretty simple. I love painting!  Such a fun hobby.  .......and in case you were Covid-19 antibody test came back negative. So whatever virus caused my sudden hearing loss was not the Covid virus.  Still no improvement in my right ear. 😞

Played around with another eye sketch.
And one of my little this sweet little boy so very much.  He definitely has Mamow's heart.  They pronounce it Mah-mol, which was their little Scottish/English pronunciation of Mamaw.  I never know how to spell it.  😄

Sunday, January 24, 2021


Long story.

Some interesting times for sure.  I've been very careful to always wear my mask, and to hand sanitize before and after each store visit.  Almost two weeks ago I woke up on a Monday morning with a sore throat, hoarseness, and some slight congestion.  Worried about going to work on Tuesday, I called in, and yes, they were going to require a Covid test.  I went to the health department and got a self test.  Was much better as the day wore on.  Tuesday, awoke with no sore throat and only the slightest of congestion.  No cough, no temperature, no other symptoms.  Felt so good, I ran outside four miles.  However, after the run, I noticed ringing and distorted sounds in my right ear.  I began wearing hearing aids last fall for some mild age related hearing loss.  I thought the right aid was not working. I removed it but the weird sounds continued.  Some sounds were so loud and irritating, others just loud but indistinguishable.  Wednesday I called my audiologist to have them check the hearing aid.  I got into the office at 4 pm.  The aid was in fine working order, no obstruction in my ear, so they did a hearing test. I immediately knew something was wrong.  My hearing had suddenly gotten worse by about 30 decibels across all the tones. Sudden sensorineural hearing loss, is what they call it. Most likely due to a virus and considered a medical emergency because typically only an immediate regiment of steroids can bring the hearing back. Took six days of prednisone.  No improvement. My Covid test came back negative but since the hearing loss occurred the day after my Covid test, the doctor said it wouldn't hurt to have another.  It also came back negative.  The ENT doctor has seen a dramatic increase in sudden hearing loss during the pandemic.  She said she used to see about one case a month, and had three just the day I was there last week.  She said they are definitely seeing some kind of connection with it and the new Covid-19 virus.

So now, I have an antibody test scheduled for this week. She still believes the virus that caused my hearing loss could have been the Covid-19, with the day I had the symptoms or some time before when I was asymptomatic.  I am anxious to get the results.  My daughter-in-law and grandson had similar short lived symptoms just a few days before mine. I would assume whatever they had is also what I had.

Of course, I would like my hearing to return but I also think I can adjust, maybe better than most.  I was already wearing hearing aids. I actually really, really, like them.  They are barely noticeable as seen here.

Mine are bluetooth which means I have an app on my phone to adjust them, I can listen to my audible books through them, and I can answer my phone through them.  Amazing technology.  My right one will need to be adjusted if the hearing doesn't return.

So, If you have had the Covid-19 virus, please pay attention to your hearing and if you develop sudden hearing loss in a matter of hours or a couple of days, please call an ENT doctor asap.

I've done a little sketching and painting lately.  Such fun.

The eye was especially fun to draw.  I think I nailed it pretty good.

The week I was off from work, with awaiting tests and doctors visits I got in some great runs.  Actually did 16 miles for the week.  Yesterday I celebrated my 62nd birthday!  Since I had run five miles on Friday outside, which was glorious, I thought I better do a slower run inside. I typically don't run two days in a row.  I wanted to do 6.2 miles for my birthday.  The kids were all gone for the afternoon so it was a perfect time to trot around the house while listening to "The Distant Hours" a novel by Kate Morton.
It was great!  And check out the time --- it is also the date, how cool is that!  While the hubby is away on his fishing trip the little ones have slept with me the last two nights.  They are so precious.  Just love them so much. We watched some Llama, Llama on my computer before lights out.  
As I roused during the night, I looked over and saw them peacefully sleeping. I prayed for them, for God to protect them, and draw them to him. I am so very blessed.

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

First Finish of 2021

 I started this before the end of 2020 but it is my first finish of 2021.  I found the pattern in one of the magazines I was recently in (one of my quilts that is).  It is an easier take on the traditional wedding ring quilt.  The curved pieces are cut and 'pieced' on the quilt using raw edge appliqué.  I am terrible about sewing curves and hoped I would't have to quilt them that way too, but alas, I did. :(  I was not happy with how it was going but continued on -- something I've learned to do -- just keeping going because almost all the time the quilt turns out fine.  I think this one did turn out fine!

Lots of crinkly goodness after a wash.....
The grandson even liked it!
Did custom quilting ,which I certainly wouldn't win any awards, but it turned out fine.

I tried to start a new paper pieced project and found a block I liked in my EQ software program.  Not sure what I was is so difficult and there were no instructions on how to paper piece it.  If there were instructions I didn't 'get it.'  So I messed around a bit and after about two days of playing with it, only finished 1/4th of one block.  Not sure this is going to ever turn into a quilt.
I tend to try to figure things out without taking time to really read and understand the directions or in this case, the numbering system.  I thought I could make it easier, well, nope, that didn't work.

I also think I sewed the fabric to the wrong side of the paper patterns....well, it has been a few months since I did one of these, and just forgot I guess?? When you do that, they won't go together like the picture I soon learned. Oh well, I do have four memory lap quilts to make so I think I'll spend some time looking at patterns.....